Grow in this Sacred Space

Artwork Statement

The bathroom is an intimate space that nurtures a feminine routine and the practice of grooming and self love. However, this space also promotes the ideals of femininity and deems these practices as necessary in order to maintain this image. For me, the bathroom has transformed into a space that now serves my own intentions. I don’t groom my body hair like I used to. The idyllic lavender and periwinkle bathroom I have designed for this exhibition is a visual representation of this idea. The wavy hair texture creates a luxurious backdrop for an intimate environment. I don’t wax my armpit hair. I only epilate my legs when I want to. I keep my eyebrows bushy and my mustache stays intact. These practices (or the decision to adjust my body hair removal practices) are a form of self love and acceptance. Body hair on females and on those who identify as non-binary is often used as a way to alienate those who go against the status quo. Having luscious hair on your head is one thing, but when that hair is on one’s body as well, it is recast as something that should be erased. Body hair is normal. 

A bathroom is a space for intimacy with one’s self. Put simply, the work in this installation is about normalizing body hair, whether you choose to remove it or not.

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