This body of work largely focuses on the various textures of hair. I am constantly looking for new ways to portray my muse, body hair. Body hair offers an interesting perspective of how a woman should present herself, but also provides beautiful texture and rhythm on the body. The work strives to create a safe and inclusive environment for myself, in hopes that the message reaches the viewer as well.

In beginning these collages, I often start with observational photos of hair (stray hair in the shower, a hair dust bunny behind the couch, the floor of a salon after a fresh haircut). These photos, along with found papers and previous printmaking work serve as a base to explore the layering of textures. Then, I move on to a study in watercolor or color pencil to lay out the forms and play with color. Color plays a huge role in my work, usually in monochromatic or analogous palettes that create harmony. While individual works might have different conceptual ideas at the core, they all belong in the same realm as they offer us multiple ways to see ourselves and the hair on our bodies.

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